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A biorhythm (from Greek βίος - bios, "life" and ῥυθμός - rhuthmos, "any regular recurring motion, rhythm") is a range of terminal changes in character and intensity of biological processes and phenomena. They are peculiar to the living matter at all its levels — from molecular and subcellular to the biosphere. Biorhythms are the fundamental process of wildlife.

Examples: hibernating (animals), women menstrual period (humans).

Source: Wikipedia

«I've been designing and practicing Astroyoga© for 15 years already, and it irrevocably remains the perfect health enhancing, strength gaining and energy status upgrade tool.
The practice goes well together with any other schools and traditions, which you choose for maintaining your mental and physical well-being. Astroyoga© would become an eminently suitable main way of obtaining beauty, power and immortality for those who are still in search and have the basic or even zero experience of mind-body practices».
Tatiana Aster (Astara), author of the method
Background of Astroyoga©
as the psycho-spiritual method for achieving immortality
Physiological principle. A human body is functioning under the thumb of biorhythms. A rhythm is a recurring change in vital processes activity.
All the chemical reactions within the body are flowing rhythmically.
There is a I.P. Pavlov's quote: «Nothing has more power over the human life than the rhythm». Our circadian clock, which measures all the body rhythms, is ruled by the hypothalamus brain division. It plays the part of the hormonal orchestra conductor. Endocrine system which is ruled by the hypothalamus, is in charge of maintaining the body's homeostasis and adaptation process regulation.

Biological principle. Biorhythmology studies the way how biorhythms funtion within the living systems. It divides all rhythms into two categories: endogenous and exogenous.
Endogenous and exogenous rhythms tend to synchronize. Together they create a complex programme, which has the determining influence on the human body.

The main external (exogenous) rhythm which controls our life is called the circadian rhythm.

The circadian rhythm is the daily rhythm of the Sun. The quantity of sunlight influences directly the work of hypothalamus, regularing our endocrine profile as well as the profile of our physical and emotional activity. Experts in the field of biorhythmology have proved desynchronization of our internal biorhythms and external circadian rhythm to lead to hormone imbalance and biochemical pathways breakdown.
Historical principle. On of the most exciting discoveries I've made while preparing to tell the world about Astroyoga©, is that our civilization had violently interfered in the sphere of natural biorhythms only in the last 500 years. In these 500 years our physiology and psyche have undergone a forcible break of the natural biorhythmical profile.
As a species we have gained a lot of illnesses including genetic ones. Before this a human's physical and mental growth took place in the framework of harmonious synchromization with external biorhythms. [1]

[1] I'll be telling in my book a lot in detail about the epoch preceding the time of human biorthythms devastation. You'll be excited to find out how your body and psyche may function in the context of nature's and cosmic energy flowing freely through the human's body and how the consciousness works in these conditions.
Civilization principle. We are living through the epoch where the mechanism of natural, formed by the Universe and genetics human life rhythms is desynchronized at the deepest level. Our biorhythmic processes are defused, mixed and desynchronized between themselves and the ambient environment. This is basically the cause of all illnesses, metabolic disorders and mental health failures.

The traditional Indian and Tibetan medicine possess the direct knowledge of this and have instruments of healing and correction at their disposal. The modern Western medicine is only useful for fixing the troubles that have already happened. You may be the patient of the best ayurvedic clinic but you'll face illnesses again without radical change of you approach to the health.
Cosmologic principle. In order to understand how the biorhythmic system works I've studied the ancient tractates about the Universal structure of the human body and its connection with the small and large natural rhythms.

chapter 2
A healthy biorhythmical system
In order to explain what the healthy biorhythmical system of a living form on the Earth is like, let me show you the example of a flower.
Live plants are the real source of health
So ... step one\
A flower was sleeping through the night. And there is this last moment before the dawn when all nature falls silent. Everything becomes totally still. A night has already finished, but the day is not starting yet. A flower is undergoing the zero state.
By the way, this zero state is common not only for the pre-dawn time, but also in the framework of other astrologic and biologic phenomena.
Here comes the first ray of the sun, and all the cells of a plant immediately respond to it.
This is the first phase of activity, the phase of awakening.
Then a flower starts to break down. It is outspreading its leaves and petals.
When a plant is open, it reaches the balance of its beauty, and thus we observe the blossoming garden.
After this a plant launches its growth mechanisms (it is showing us its living power), then it pollinates and fruit-sets.
That's how the natural biorhythmical activity of a living fom generally looks like. Noone would try to manually open petals of a flower in the middle of the night, noone would pull a plant up at 3 a.m. if it is closed. All these actions could cause an irreparable harm to a flower's health!

In terms of Astroyoga© practice, a human body has the same groups of biorhythms and the same operating sequence in the case of healthy vital activity.
How do you wake up in the morning?

A healthy human body is waking up in the zero phase, the resting phase. The first 5 minutes after awakening your body in its healthy scenario is undergoing the state of
the «new leaf ». You are enjoying the silence and the totally calm state of mind.

After this you start to concentrate on your first body sensations, your body and mind start to recall themselves.

Then your body switches on, you sit down or stand up.

Then you are stretching and searching for the balance. You start to take some actions in order to dress and wash yourself.

After this you have breakfast, followed by some relaxation. Usually it is the time when you might want to communicate with someone.

Then you move on to some various duties and start to do more complicated sets of actions.
This seems to be just a description of some regular simple rituals. What is the essence then?
All these steps reflect precisely our birth process, they contain the initial sequence of life cycles.

In the context of contemporary civilization you will unfortunately be forced to abusively change and suppress of your body and mind rhythms during the day, to find yourself the opposite to full - totally exhausted by the end of the day.

Unlike you, a flower has spent all day in accordance with its biological rhythms.
It has accumulated a lot of power and goes to sleep feeling full. You go to sleep with your energy cracked. This gets worse if you don't have an opportunity to devote an hour and a half to the described sequence of actions in the morning, if you have to wake up rapidly, miss your breakfast and relaxation, if due to the existing disturbances your awakening starts with experiencing severe stress instead calmness.

If it's hard for you to wake up it means that you're stressed. If you have a chronic stress, it means your body is dominated by the volitional directed action, the power biorhythm, which suppresses and pushes out all other biorhythms with only 10-15% of lifetime left for them.
«The golden sieve» of biorthythms

As lately as 500 years ago our biorhythms were totally controlling us, letting the body seemlessly accumulate the power. The more a healthy person had lived, the stronger he got. Each circadian cycle had filled him with the power of the Sun, which was then redistributed with the help of the rest of 99 biorhythmic cycles, thus filling the body with prana (the finest psychic energy of power).

At the energy level we are like the golden sieve. We are processing solar energy at 100 internal levels of energy transformation, nutrition, digestion and secretion. If endorphines could be produced in the proper amount during relaxation phase, there would be no need to achieve the necessary relaxation level with the "help" of chemicals, alcohol, drugs and BDSM.
Astroyoga© method helps you to get back to the natural biorhythms,
inherent in our DNA and the Universe.

This method has regained my 100% health after a very severe illness, which got me down a few years ago. I got into emergency unit under clinical death. Therefore I had to literally pick up the pieces of myself. Now I totally know how the human body functions: it depends 100% on the biorhythms.

Having recovered all biorhythms you will get your biochemical processes absolutely healthy, be able to turn back time, start to rejuvenate and accumulate lots of energy.
Internal structure of Astroyoga© practice
All the 100 human internal biorhythms are divided into seven main groups, just like seven notes, seven colors, seven worlds. Above these seven groups there are two biorhythms, which have psychic, not physical character. It means that exercises we do at these biorhythms are meant for your subtle body, not the physical one. However these practices are controlled by the law of biorhythms as well.
What are these 7 groups?
0. Zero biorhythm,
internal silence.
1. Concentration, warm-up, turn-on, awakening biorhythm
The soft stimulation of the central nervous system.
2. Stretching and meridian
opening biorhythm.
Opening of nervous system central channels.
3. Body systems balancing.
Turning all the balancing body rhythms on.
4. Power biorhythm.
Accumulation of energy.
5. Relaxation biorhythm.
It is in charge of the most important process of energy distribution.
6. Vital activity stimulation biorhythm.
Stimulation descends from sequential
impacts on the key energy points
and parts of the human body.
7. Synthesis and secretion biorhythm.
Формирование интуитивной картины здоровья, включение адаптационных механизмов организма.
Biorhythms principles of functioning
Every next body biorhythm
turns on completely only
if the previous one, containing its special hormonal and biochemical programmes, has been activated.
When the biorhythmical failure takes place, one or two biorhythms may take total control over
a body's biochemistry.
That's when the health issues start.
If the seventh biorhythm of synthesis is broken that leads to metabolic disorders like hypo-metabolism or hypermetabolism. This is the start of bulimia and anorexia.
The two higher psychic biorhythms, the eighth and the ninth are being activated by pranayama and meditation. It's crucial to understand that if you have any biorhythms of the first seven groups broken or imbalanced, you are not allowed to do meditation, pranayama or holotropic breathwork actively. This might cause a severe damage to your mental body, you'll get illness at the level of your energy body, which is likely to lead to the chronic somatics.
Large scale
Only internal groups of human body biorhythms are described above. After you fix, cure anf reload them, the next step is to synchronize those with the Earth's and other planets' biorhythms. At the highest level of the practice you get synchronized with the energies of all nine planets of the Solar system.
This is the way how the yoga was practiced by the Lemurian and Egyptian hierophants.
Biorhythms in our modern life
We have such life conditions ad we have. Our civilization will not change dramatically while we are alive. If we decide to guard our biorhythms as the most important thing we have, even though it is a vital need, we'll inevitably fall out of the social panoply, lose our social contacts and will finally face a financial collapse.

Our civilization leaves us little choice. If you want to life withing it, you have to sacrifice yourself, be patient, get the benefits and cope with it as you can. Some call it «slavery», but stop this slavery if you can. Try to live without clean bottled water, modern hygiene products, transport, without a warm sea at least once a year. You'll soon be back to this «slavery» and will be grateful for it.

Nevertheless every day you pay with the most expensive currency - your health, for each success, for which you had to follow a very tight schedule, suffer, sacrifice your sleep, be extraorganized without any opportunity to adjust your balance.

When we climb the mountains higher than 5000 meters above the sea level, we take a large supply of bottle oxygen. When we reach the top we breath it in, this oxygen is used to maintain our vital activity and our brain which otherwise might be damaged.
Likewise Astroyoga© is your «bottle oxygen» in the modern civilization. This practice of biorhythm rehabilitation lets you adjust them every day.
I do the certain sequence of Astroyoga© exercises for 25 minutes sharp each day at 7 a.m. It doesn't matter where I live at the moment: in Colomdo, Lhasa, Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, Barnaul or St. Petersburgh. I am able to withstand such a rhythm only with the help of my body's high resistance, which is ensured by the power of healthy biorhythms. I certainly have a lot of gadgets, special compact devices and techologies, which I always keep to my hand. [1]
I'm willingly sharing these secrets during my Astroyoga© seminars. However the main effect is reached by the special sequence of exercises and nutrition.

[1] Modern medicine has created a range of fantastic mechanical pacemakers, which I talk about at my classes.
Tatiana Aster (✵Astara)
Author of the method
Origins and foundations of Astroyoga©
Astroyoga© succession
The complex of biorhythms rehabilitation is based on the exercises of al the world's yoga traditions. Yoga was created long ago at the dawn of the Egyptian civilization as an instrument of synchronization between internal biorhythms and the planets' rhythms. So in order to put the historical record straight I called this method «Astroyoga©». I haven't created Astroyoga© from scratch. The truth is that I have reanimated, recreated, vitalized and adapted it to the modern context. I have memorized all the asanas, classified them to the relevant biorhythm groups, learned the rhythmics of asanas, having spent more than 10 years to this process.

Later the planet rhythm yoga was torn apart by some military confessions and traditions and conserved by them at the monasteries of East. All you see in today's yoga manuals is not more than the echo of the military techniques aimed to pump up human biorhythms thus strengthening him with the use of inner mental body reserves. Though this is completely opposite to the mere idea of the health. This can be compared with the situation when one goes in for one spoty or type of physical activity strengthening only one property group.
The practice multidimensionality
Human being is a multidimensional cosmic creature. If you exploit your power and synthesis biorhythms year by year (as most contemorary yoga schools suggest) you might as well walk using only one leg. Your mental and physocal bodies will become ill and ruined. For example you'll be chronically lacking relaxation, even if you spend hours lying on the sofa. The reason is relaxation biorhythm needs to be switched on, otherwise it literally decays.

For us as for multidimensional creatures is a multidimensional space it is crucial to stadily and cyclically open and activate our biorhythms. If it is impossible for us to keep biorhythms in order during the day, it is necessary to at least have a 25-minute «technical audit» daily. Using Astroyoga© techniques you'll be able to reveal which biorhythms are imbalanced and what to emphasize during your practice.

Astroyoga© in figures
1500 exercises

The new asanas and exercises and those you already accustomed with
9 groups of exercises

Seven of nine groups of exercises are physical and fundamental ones
6 allied practices

Exercises from pilates, yoga, dancing, Qigong, breathing practices and even cross-fit
100 biorhythms

You are gradually healing
biorhythms of your blood-vascular, immune, hormonal, lymphatic and other systems
Biorhythms healing
All the exercises you've ever seen or done somehow stemmed from our body and mind's need to follow its natural biorhythms.
You don't need all these exercises. You just need to heal your own biorhythms, learn to feel them and gather your range of asanas with the help of the teacher.

At our seminars you learn to understand how your biorthythms function within the body, define practice intensity by yourself and start your own collection of exercises. You don't have to attend this course permanently, once is enough. Only those who wnt to adjust their practice and learn new asanas come again.

Outside Astroyoga© I mostly prefer power classes or stretching or relaxation at the table of Swedish massage therapist. But all this is just an additional range I use when feeling that a certain group of biochemical processes needs more attention.
chapter 5
I regularly ask the attendies of my seminars what is uniting us in the decision to be born in the Earth? There are always lots of different answers. But there is only one real answer that truly unites all of us seven billion people on the planet: we all wanted to get a physical body. That is our purpose to be here. We wanted to gan it as something which has an enormous value. One cannot overestimate the value of a young, beautiful, spiritual body. It is the laboratory of the Spirit.
Sri Aurobindo said: «The world will be saved not by the crucified body, but the body which is enlightened». That is a spiritual body.

Notwithstanding all the crisis of our civilization, we live in the epoch of the ascending mental energy. If you don't prepare your mental body through transformation of the physical one, you won't be able to digest the energy of the era. Your body will be closing instinctively, blocking the channels of energy perception thus leading to exhaustion of your physical body. When we mention vampire-people, we mean those who have a constant deficit of energy and power in their body and mind and need external sources of energy. Instead one has to launch psychophysical mechanism of one's own power supply, for processing and hydrolizing the energy in a strict coordination and sequence of biorhythms.

If you refuse to customize your natural biochemical hormonal mechanism through activation of physical body biorhythms, you'll start to get old extremely fast after 35 years old. What's next? You either start to actively apply hormone replacement therapy, or become a wrinkled vegetable. Any endocrinologist will prove me right. Grumpy man, women who get fat, fussiness, exhaustion and illnesses are the attributes of broken biorhythms. Hormone replacement therapy is able to restart your body clock. However there is another way, the one you've read about in this text. There is no third option as ancient Romans used to say.

Tatiana Aster (✵Astara)
Astroyoga© author

  • I thank my mother Valentina, the biochemist, for her urge to perceive biology and for the books in our home library, which helped me to obtain all the needed material.
  • I thank doctor Yury Geuchman, who has now passed away, for his help in rehabilitation and recovery of my health.
  • I thank the Qigong teacher Dmitry Anipkin for his lessons and expertise in the field of eastern martial arts.
  • I thank Aster Evolution team for your heroic organizational work, thanks to which I get some time for writing and organizing my materials. Were it not for your work, the world could never be able to see my writings.
  • I thank all yoga, Qigong, ayurveda teachers who teach me all over the world not missing my process of evolutionary ascension even for a moment.
Any further knowledge of Astroyoga© method is provided:
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